Synthetic vs Autologous Bone Graft; Whats the Difference? – J Search

raft? If you haven’t, there’s no reason to be. This video provides a brief outline of the distinctions between both types. If you are scheduled for oral surgery, you should familiarize yourself with these two types of transplants.

Dental surgery uses bone grafting for implant placement and tooth extraction. Grafting is sometimes needed to make sure that the jaw is robust enough to carry on when it undergoes further procedures. Synthetic and autologous are the two major forms of grafts utilized. What are synthetic bone grafts? They’re basically manufactured bones which serve as an alternative to your natural bones. They are autologous bone grafts, which are real bones which are donated from a donor. Even though they’re the standard for graftingprocedures, the donor pool is not large enough in number, so finding the right one can prove difficult.

Modern bone grafts made of synthetic materials are created in sterile environments and then sealed to avoid the spread of germs and illness. They are made of proteins found within humans. These are the ones that are recommended by many surgeons. It is now clear what you should be aware of regarding synthetic and autologous bone grafts.


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