Beginners Guide to Emulsion Breaking – Andre Blog

This enhances the viscosity. This also creates bigger droplets. Additionally, it helps separate the oil from the water. One disadvantage is that it can be lost in the process of heating. Also, heating can create problems with the mechanical part.

Another method of breaking the emulsions is by using electric current. The use of an electrical current to combine the particles. The molecules of the electricly charged particles are placed as per their dipoles.

Chemicals may also be able to dissolve an emulsion. It helps the water droplets to form a coalescence.

The properties of an Emulsifier 1.The contact between oil and water, and the oil attracts strongly 2. It encourages flocculation. It also leads to the wetting of solids.

The oil is used to make the solids wet, which lets them be separated.

The following are some considerations in deciding on an Emulsion breaking technique 1.Temperature 2.Chemical injecting point 3.Types of Crude Oil Treatment Process 4.Types of Crude Oil 5.Produced water Composition

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