What Do Elder Law Attorneys Do? – Estate Planning and Probate News

These can include helping long-term care need applications (for example, into skilled nursing facilities or residential homes) and assisting with the preparation of wills and estate plans. These lawyers typically work with individuals born between 1946 and 1964. Elder law lawyers can also help disabled seniors and veterans, since these people have additional demands. Learn a bit more about the issues these legal specialists can assist in.

Elder law attorneys are properly informed about Medicaid and communities-based Medicaid, Medicare, Medigap, Social Security, SSI as well as Supplemental Needs Trusts. veterans’ benefits, as as particular needs trusts. There are clearly a number of crucial needs that elderly lawyers are able to meet. Their expertise includes a deep understanding of federal, state and local laws. Each of these issues involves multiple layers of specific legal aspects to be able to navigate. It is crucial that they have the right knowledge to protect elderly citizens’ rights.

Take a look at the video above from an elder law attorney to find out more about the role and responsibilities.


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