Packing Advice for a Trip on an Assisted Living Cruise Ship – Travel Packing Tips

You could either put all your belongings in a duffle bag that is able to fold down so that there’s room for items when your return as well as a bag that expands to accommodate more.
Find a mobile device

Most cruise ships permit guests to use canes or medical scooters as well as strollers and wheelchairs. Cruise ships can examine the wheelchair as cargo if it’s too heavy to be kept in the stateroom. Staff can then take the equipment to the guest’s stateroom on request. The guest can also bring their personal mobility device, however many cruise ships allow passengers the option of renting one to aid relatives with their everyday activities. The advantage of hiring a wheelchair is that your loved one doesn’t carry a large amount of baggage along with them. Note that cruise ships typically don’t own mobility devices like wheelchairs; instead, they rent them from organizations such as

The larger cruise ships have better designed rooms as well as staterooms to accommodate mobility aids like wheelchairs or medical scooters. In an assisted living cruise, all cabins and staterooms are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) in compliance. However should you find that the one that your loved one will be boarding isn’t, check that the mobility device can fit through the door when they’re required to.

Add a Portable Humidifier

Like hotel rooms, staterooms, cabins or cabins aboard assisted living ships may feel dry , especially when the temperature drops. What are the best solutions to the issue? The humidifier portable can bring humidity to your room which will improve the quality of your loved one’s sleep and breathing. A small, portable humidifier can be purchased online at Amazon for as low as 25 dollars. The good thing is that most humidifiers for portables are USB powered and could be connected to power bank or PC. In addition, they feature the ability to emit ambient light that can enable your loved one to see when it is dark.


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