What Are International Baccalaureate Programs? – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

more than one million people participate in these programs annually These programs are vast in scope. There are four different programs that focus on 10 fundamental values that enable each student to become an avid thinker and lover of diverse cultures from around the globe.

The Baccalaureate International program aids students become responsible citizens of the world. Though these programs can be difficult, they provide plenty of assistance for students as well as families. They focus on healthy and healthy relationships. helps the family of the student first and then filters out into the wider world, creating positive energy surrounding the student.

One of the core values of this program is its focus in helping students create peace in the world by an effective way of communicating, ethical behaviour and a keen appreciation of different cultures around the globe. Students will learn to be able to reconcile their own needs with the needs of others through the use of their brains and resourcefulness. They are able to benefit the world around them through studying these life-long lessons.


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