Should You Talk to the Police After Being Accused of a Sex Crime? – InClue

Tell your side of the story and clear your name, your words can be used against you, and you need to be aware.

Sexual assault allegations should be investigated by police. This involves not only talking with the accused of the offense and the one who initiated the accusations, but also different parties that may be able to offer insight into the situation. It could be confusing when the accounts of these people are different than your own. This could make it appear as if you’re innocent, when you might not been.

It’s essential to remember that even though police officers believe they are honest, it’s not their job to make a decision on whether you’ll get any punishment. Anything you discuss in the course of a police investigation is turned over to prosecutors, and when they believe that the words you speak of are suspect they could find yourself getting in serious legal trouble to be accused of a crime you didn’t do. It’s important to remain cautious about what details you disclose to police.


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