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Creative laundry room ideas ed.

Modular units serve as good and more affordable alternatives to built-in cabinets. The options are many as well as they are suitable for use within different rooms. It is possible to purchase a complete collection or mix and match the units. Before making purchases, consider your most essential tasks.

The flat surfaces allow you to stack and fold clothes easily without pushing your back too much. Create a foldable rack above your washer and dryer when there isn’t enough space. The shelf can also be used as a storage area for your hampers and baskets, helping maintain organization in your innovative laundry room.

Open shelving can let your room breathe and showcase a bit of your personality. For a cleaner look you can add two or three shelves over the dryer or washer. Place them between the cabinets. Use woven or plastic baskets to store soap, detergents and wash rags and coins to make it easier to keep things tidy.

There you have it. Use any or a combination of these strategies to design the laundry area that’s contemporary and practical. We are available to help you with tips and tricks.


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