Golf Cart Maintenance That Will Keep You on the Green – UPside Living

Be aware regarding proper maintenance and care. You can also learn additional maintenance guidelines for golf carts that will increase the lifespan of the vehicle. To start the vehicle, you need to turn the key to the on setting and check that no obstruction is blocking your path. If you find anything an obstruction, take it out of your way it prior to driving. Inspections on your car regularly are essential to be sure that the parts work effectively.

To drive the golf cart you will need be pushing an accelerator pedal slow and gradually until you achieve the speed that you desire. Once you have reached that speed, simply let the pedal go and cruise. For stopping your golf cart, press down hard on the brake pedal as you come to a stop. A second important tip for maintenance is to make sure that the golf cart tidy. This can be done by cleaning it off by using a hose along with mild soap. After that, it is necessary to dry it completely to avoid corrosion. The last tip is to make sure that you keep your golf cart inside a cooler and dry place, away from the direct light.


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