What Are the Responsibilities of a Staffing Agency? – Economic Development Jobs

. Temporary workers are those who have the opportunity to secure a job with an agent for staffing. The salaries of these workers are paid by the agency. Staffing agency include:
• Establishing the work hours of the company
* Selection and interviewing of candidates
Knowing how to attract people who meet your company’s needs
Examining candidates’ job history as well as background checks
Training is available to help fill any gaps in skills
Create contracts and handle legal concerns
* Monitoring how temporary workers to determine if they are meeting the company’s requirements
A staffing agency will terminate a worker’s contract if the worker fails to complete their job according to a company’s expectations or don’t person for the job.
Many staffing agencies concentrate their efforts on locating candidates for temporary positions. They can find permanent candidates based on the requirements of their clients. A staffing agency classifies the job-seekers once they have found them. m1iothf3kc.

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