Differences Between Workers Compensation and Wrongful Death – Legal Business News

Injuries are common that occur in injuries in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The majority of incidents were not serious and 56% of people who were injured returned to work within a 60-day period. Some cases involved injuries that could be considered fatal or serious. Often, an attorney must be involved to safeguard the injured worker’s right to compensation, or to help the family navigate a wrongful death case.

There are various types of claims filed by workers’ comp, but they all require filing claims, submitting deadlines and may need a hearing in order to make sure that rights of the employee are protected. Employers are often eager and push for closing a workers comp case as quickly as they can, even if they mean that employees will lose benefits and access to healthcare.

Go to the employer’s site address does not mean that there will be information about what you can do to claim, or to identify the employer’s claim address. That is to say, employers in general, do not make it easy for workers or their loved ones to file claims.


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