Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety without Medication – Healthy Huntington

yle=”font-family:Arial”>Several breathing tricks can help release stress and anxiety.
Try breathing through your nose slow and gradually for 5-6 minutes. Make sure you hold for at least 3 seconds Then, exhale using your pursed lips for about 7 seconds.

This therapy for anxiety can be learned by taking the class of yoga or by studying online on sites such as YouTube and Google. Additionally, you will learn simple exercises to help you when you are feeling anxious.

Do What You Love

If you’re struggling with stress or stressed, it’s a good idea to get out of the routine of your day and focus on doing what you enjoy the most. Think about the activities that will make you smile and relax, such as getting a massage or cleaning the house and swimming, fishing, and even travelling. Do whatever makes you feel fulfilled and you can do the same thing every single day. It can help you manage anxiety and stress as well as reduce having to take medication.

Avoid Taking Drugs and stimulants

If most people feel stressed and anxious, they think that taking stimulants or drugs can help reduce stress and anxiety.


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