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They use clear aligners for straightening your teeth. The aligners used in Invisalign change every 2 weeks, to make different types of molds. Before beginning Invisalign treatment, there are some important aspects you need to know. Let’s look at the information you should learn about Invisalign.

The first step is to know how to clean your aligners. In time, your aligners will be stained similar to how our teeth do. There are methods to keep your aligners clean if they get stained. The aligners can be soaked with mouthwash at least once per day. The mouthwash is effective because it is the type of product you apply to remove staining on your teeth.

Also, it is important to be aware that your aligners should be worn for all day long. The only time you should wear your aligners at night is when you need them. If you’re not putting the aligners in, then you are not giving them ample time to repair your teeth. The only time you should take them out is out to eat or drink coffee.

There are two important points regarding Invisalign.


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