How Technology Is Pranking Scammers – Tech Talk Radio Show

It is possible to do incredible things. Mark Rober, a retired NASA engineer who’s made the career of developing technology with his channel on YouTube. The retired NASA engineer has not stopped working on his craft and has become a spokesperson in the use of math and science. It can be used to create positive change throughout the world. You’d be surprised at what you can achieve if we all put our skills to the test and cooperate for the benefit of everyone. In this clip you’ll learn the way Rober employed his tech to fool scammers, and then bring these people to light. If they’re caught, scammers’ final hope is to call an agency for bail bonds for a way to keep them out of jail for a short period of time.

Rober’s most memorable piece of technological innovation was the canister that contained Cockroaches. This cannister of creepy crawlies was physically placed inside the call center. In a very short time, the cannister unlatched to allow the insects out and began to wreck havoc on the floor. From the hacked security cameras it is possible to see fraudsters leaping out of their seats and fleeing the room as they spot huge bugs crawling across the floor.


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