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This is a vital element for CNC machines. The YouTube video “Central Lubrication System to the CNC” will explain the functions of the CNC’s system for lubrication.

Type two lithium greases are used to provide lubrication for the CNC machine. They are placed into the rail chest using a grease press in the amounts and at intervals stipulated by the manufacturer. In some instances, the grease could degrade, leaving some savage remnants and bring dirt into the spaces specifically designed for ball bearings.

CLP 100 is a great alternative. It protects exposed steel surfaces and is among the major benefits. However, it’s difficult to extract meaningful quantities efficiently because of its low viscosity.

A 30-bar gear pump coupled with an electric capacitor is the solution to the problem. It is equipped with a pair of clever valves which catch any trace of air prior to the lubricant is sent out. Because air can block the flow of the lubricant the valve can cause failure of the pump.

Traditional valves used for the 30 bar pump are still in use, but they are not without drawbacks. A valve with a progressive design that has the same distribution of flow and fluid, could override these restrictions.


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