How to Repair a Garage Door – Awkward Family Photos

Keep in mind that garage doors are now powered with electricity. Therefore, you need first ensure that the opener isn’t plugged. Make sure you check the circuit breaker to see if your opener doesn’t work. Garage door repair services if you aren’t able to resolve the issue.

Look at the side light of the garage door to determine the if it’s reversing midway through. Laser lights reverse an opening if they see something blocking them. Remove any obstructions off the way in order to verify if the lights are on. It is possible that you need to alter or clean it to ensure it functions properly.

The garage door could be producing the sound of grinding or banging whenever it is shut or opened. The garage door is installed by means of wheels which move it down the track. The garage door can have difficulties if its track is bent. If the bend is very severe, you may have seek help from a professional in order to make repairs.

The full details can be found in the video below.


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